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We specialise solely in sales recruitment - Banking & Finance, Stockbroking & Trading, Property & Real Estate, Advertising & Media and General Telesales.

Trading as a division of YANELEX Ltd, Chamäleon was founded in 2006 by Yan Neokleous, who boasts close to twenty years of success in the ‘Sales Industry’. Using Chamäleon's diverse skill set, its mission is to supply unique, adaptive and hungry salespeople to relevant industry sectors. Working in sales for the majority of his career he has identified the need for well trained sales people within the market place.

Chamäleon's philosophy is straight forward. It is based on offering a highly personal and professional service to Candidates and Clients alike. All Candidates are interviewed both on a telephone and face-to-face basis before being considered. The telephone helps to give Chamäleon an understanding of all Candidates telesales skills sets, and the face-to-face interviews determine their suitability and presentational characteristics.

As a result, our interview techniques are structured to ascertain a complete understanding of all needs and aspirations, thus developing a strong understanding of both Candidates and Clients for resulting interview stages.

Unlike many sales recruitment specialists in the marketplace, Chamäleon acts as a training hub for the inexperienced. Our vast network of Clients are often prepared to give probation training periods where Candidates can gain relevant sales experience should they require it.

We truly believe in the following adage - “Once a salesman, always a salesman!”, and we adopt one simple trail of thought – where an Advertising & Media salesman can sell Financial Products, conversely an Insurance salesman can be a successful Motor Car salesman. All that is needed is the product knowledge!

Simply re-phrased….. “If you can sell ice to an Eskimo, you can be taught to sell fish to a fisherman!”



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